Brick News for August 2011

August 22, 2011

  • LEGO has signed a new deal with DC Comics! What does that mean for us? Exactly what we want it to mean. More LEGO Batman sets! Plus, we could also get Superman, Wonderwoman and other DC Comic related sets.
  • New Architecture set, the Brandenburg Gate Picture:
  • Exclusive young Han Solo minifigure will be available as a boy as was scene in the LEGO Star Wars: Padawan Menace tv special on Cartoon Network. How do we get this? It’s only found in the Blu-Ray release of this short film due out on September 16th. Picture available at, click here to see.
  • Star Wars 2012 News…we are getting a Queen Amidala minifigure for the first time. Also, a new TIE Fighter will be released. Pictures available at, see below for the link to that.
  • 2012 LEGO Star Wars set details are beginning to surface. We have pictures of the TIE Fighter only. However, we have a rumored list of an additional 10 or so at, see the link below.
  • Series 6 Minifigure pictures have surfaced. At least 10 of the 16 have shown up on a blog from Taiwan but we’ve posted them on also. Check the link in the description for that. Smells to me like someone at a nearby LEGO manufacturing plant in China leaked something.
  • The Technic beast…Unimog is now available to buy at From what I’ve read this big guy is a best to put together. Check out the technic bricks written review with pictures about this:
  • Want to see what the LEGO counters looked like at Comic-Con?
  • A new app has been released in the iTunes App Store. It’s called Mini Figures and its a handly little app that lets you see what minifigures are before you open them. Plus, you can keep track of your own collection. It’s just 99cents in the App Store. All future updates are free and Series 5 is coming soon. We’ve reviewed this click this link to view that episode.
  • Star Wars Advent calendar seems to be making it’s way into store. Toys R Us has it listed. Yoda Santa people.
  • There is now a Free option to play LEGO Universe. You can read more of the details at Brickset, find that link below.
  • Are the 2011 set details over? Have we seen the end of any new set details for the year?
  • Did you like Belville? Well, more rumors are saying LEGO is released a new theme in 2012 called ‘Friends’. And yes….we will have to review those.
  • And related to that, some very sketchy rumors are floating that say a Disney Princess theme is coming next year also. That would make sense with all new Disney-LEGO license that signed last year. Looks like LEGO is really trying hard next year to capture some of the younger aged girls. The latest on this is that this is true, but it will be for Duplo so who really cares. Let’s move on.
  • The Brick Blogger has put together a great post on how to budget your money to optimize your LEGO spending habits. Check out her blog at
  • Pictures of the VW T1 Camper Van are here and they look fantastic. We’ve posted them at and LEGO has released an video with an interview of it’s designer.
  • Also pictures of the Winter Village Post Office is also now posted at and LEGO has also posted a video interview with the designer of this set.
  • Brick Forge has released 18 new items this month. Some great stuff..Shocktrooper armor, tactical vests, broken bottles, spills, gemstones, flasks, officer hat, test tubs, sipping glass, a potion bottle and more. Check out their full info on these new items.
  • BrickArms has also released some new products. M1919 Machine Gun, HAC, ARC, and M3 Grease Gun!
  • MOC of the Month goes to Blake Baer. Check out his micro-scale Tornado MOC at Brothers Brick –

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