Brick News for December 2011

December 29, 2011

This is your Brick News for December 2011.

Mega Bloks has released new sets from new themes of Mochi Monsters and Power Rangers. Both of these are now in stores.

I want to give HUGE shoutout to K’Nex. They have been very helpful in getting their latest Mario Kart Wii and Roller Coaster products to us free of charge for us to review on The Brick Show. They have been very helpful and hooked us up with over 7 sets/toys to review.

The 2012 LEGO Sets are out! Yes, all Dino, Creator, Super Heroes, City and Racer sets are in stores!

K’Nex has started a competition for a $100 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card! What do you have to do? Build the best and most creative track out of their Mario Kart Wii toys and then submit your track at The contest has started and ends on Jan. 15th of 2012 so that gives you time to ask for these for the holidays and then start building.

Our MOC of the Month goes to German LEGO builder David Wagner for his impressive build on the Millennium Falcon parked in Docking Bay 327. Don’t know what that is. It’s where Darth Vader and Obi-Wan fought in Episode 4 and the Luke, Han and Leia scrambled to get back aboard the Falcon.

Troopers from the LEGO Star Wars line now have faces. Brickset has the full story.

A project called Minecraft has reached the required 10,000 votes on LEGO Cuusoo. Now LEGO will review the idea to see if it’s to be made into a real set we can buy!

It’s Official LEGO Universe is dead…or at least it will be in January. LEGO says growth has not been enough to keep the game open. TheBrickBlogger has the full report.

Details and pictures have surfaced about 3 new 2012 LEGO Star Wars sets that are based on planets from the Star Wars galaxy. Galaxy Bricks has the pictures.

LEGO Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes TV Series is coming to the Cartoon Network! The first episode will be airing on January 11th!

Recently the largest Eiffel Tower made out of K’Nex was completed. Be sure to check out that video.

The Kingdoms Joust set is available in stores and we just posted our review of it.

The Mini Modular building will be available in LEGO stores on January 1st as well. However, only LEGO VIP members will be able to get them. So, if your a socialist, that’s not going to make you very happy.

Series 6 LEGO minifigures are also expected to start showing up in stores later this month or early January.

Huge news and something I’m particularly excited about. LEGO Lord of the Rings is coming! This was announced on Dec. 16th that sets from the original trilogy will be released in Summer of 2012 and then more sets later in the year that will be taken from THE HOBBIT movie that is coming to theatres in December of 2012. This is going to bring some fantastic builds for us all!!! What are the Lord of the Rings sets going to be? Well, we have that for you too.

The Brick Show has a new website to tell you about.

KRE-O has announced they will be releasing new sets next year based on the 2012 film, BattleShip. We’ve been able to obtain no pictures but do have the names of 3 of the sets.

The LEGO Group tweeted this past week that the Joust set will NOT be the only new Castle themed set to be released in 2012. Further, the Lord of the Rings theme will not count towards a Castle theme. So, most likely more LEGO Kingdoms sets are coming!

LEGO Heroica, have you played it? The Brick Blogger has put together a nice post highlighting this game and calling it one of the better role playing games she’s played.

Certain members of the media and blogging community are ripping into LEGO because of their LEGO Friends theme. They say the theme stereotypes girls. I disagree and stick up for LEGO, make sure to check out that read.

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  • Brickman113

    just saying not a lot of people like girly themes if they’re a guy

  • Enriqueboyde

    lego freinds should be discontinued immediateley

    • Starwarsman12345678

      dude no it shouldint some girls like lego too so shut up cuz they see us play with it all the time and they don’t complaine but now it’s ok for us too complange smartin up dude!

  • legoman


  • Brickman113

    Just Saying…… I’M PRETTY SURE THE LEGO BRICK IS COPYRIGHTED SO LEGO SHOULD SUE MEGA BLOKS AND KRE-O (and take the Halo and World of Warcraft rights with them)

    • Starwarsman12345678


      • optimus

        Hey, the standard 4×2 building brick is neccesary for all builds. I do agree that LEGO is the best, but i do NOT agree that they should sue! I love the LEGO themes, particularly Star Wars, Hero Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, when it comes out Lord of the Rings, and Ninjago. However, i also love the Halo theme from Mega Bloks. So…Shut Up!

    • Angus Tangney

      hey i said that early

  • Starwarsman12345678

    i love heroica i have two nathuz and waldurk hope you review them soon (will there be 2012 heroica?)

    • optimus

      You should get “Castle Fortaan,” it really makes the games more complete.

  • Angus Tangney

    lego minecraft that would be crazy imagine the pigs and people

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