LEGO Space Police Sets

LEGO Galactic Enforcer Review, Set 5974

August 20, 20120 Comments

A LEGO Space Police Galactic Enforcer Review, Set 5974 by The Brick Show.

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Episode 108 – Review of LEGO Smash ‘n’ Grab

November 8, 20101 Comment

Episode 108 Stephen reviews a 2010 LEGO Space Police set, Smash ‘n’ Grab, set 5982. It contains 188 pieces and 2 mini figures including a space police officer and the alien, Squidtron. Set features the ram-raider vehicle belonging the Squidtron who has crashed into the space ATM machine and stolen it…cash and all! His vehicle [...]

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Episode 106 – Review of LEGO Space Police Central

November 4, 20104 Comments

Episode 106 Stephen reviews a 2010 LEGO Space Police set, the Space Police Central, set 5985. It contains 631 pieces and 4 mini figures including a Space Police Commando, Space Police Chief, Craniac, Jawson and an X99 robot. Set features the Space Police Central with control tower and radar, prison pods and an airlock door. [...]

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Episode 102 – Review of LEGO Lunar Limo

October 27, 20102 Comments

Episode 102 Stephen reviews a 2010 LEGO Space Police set, the Lunar Limo, set 5984. It contains 391 pieces and 3 mini figures which includes a space police officer and aliens Jawson and Brick Daddy. Set features the spaced-out Lunar Limo using black, purple and gold studs. The Lunar Limo is equipped with space weapons, [...]

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Episode 19 – Review of Space Police Freeze Ray Frenzy (5970)

March 13, 20101 Comment

Episode 19 we review LEGO set 5970, Freeze Ray Frenzy. This is a set from the Space Police theme that was released in 2009. It comes with 2 mini figures (Alien named Kranxx and a Space Police Officer) and 2 vehicles, one for each minifig. It is 80 pieces. Ratings Jason gave the following ratings [...]

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