Episode 299 – Review of LEGO Fire Breathing Fortress

November 5, 201113 Comments

Buy This Set: Episode 299 Jason reviews a vintage LEGO, Fire Breathing Fortress. LEGO 6082 was a 1993 release and comes with 397 pieces and 6 minifigures. Minifigures include 3 dragon knights, dragon master, a wizard and wolfpack fox. Set features a huge base plate with a ram, a prison, a horse, an awesome dragon, [...]

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Episode 120 – Review of LEGO Winter Village Bakery

November 21, 20106 Comments

Episode 120 Jason reviews a 2010 LEGO Exclusive set, Winter Village Bakery. It comes with 687 pieces and you get 7 1/2 mini figures including the baker, holiday woman, 2 tree lot workers, boy and 2 1/2 ice skaters. The Winter Village Bakery features the bakery complete with oven, cash register and a light-up brick [...]

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Episode 116 – Review of LEGO Winter Toy Shop

November 17, 201016 Comments

Episode 116 Stephen reviews a 2009 LEGO Exclusive Holiday set, Winter Toy Shop. It comes with 815 pieces and you get 7 mini figures, cat, snowman, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal, toy train, robot and toy car. The mini figures are 2 carolers (male, female), toy-maker, female and 3 boys who are snowball fighting. The winter toy [...]

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