LEGO World Racers Sets

Episode 129 – Review of LEGO World Racers Powerboat

November 29, 20107 Comments

Episode 129 Stephen reviews a 2010 World Racers poly-bag set, Powerboat, 30031. It contains 27 pieces and 1 mini figure of the powerboat racer, REX-treme. Retail price is $3.99. This mini set was available at Target in 2010 during Christmas season.

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Episode 74 – Review of LEGO Blizzard’s Peak (8863)

August 22, 20105 Comments

Episode 74 Jason review a LEGO World Racers set, 8863. This set was released in 2010 and comes with 504 pieces and 6 mini figures. Mini figures included are: 3 Backyard Blasters Bubba Blaster Bart Blaster Billy Bob Blaster 2 Team Xtreme MAX-treme DEX-treme 1 Race Official Set comes with a variety of weapon-equipped vehicles [...]

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Episode 52 – Review of LEGO Wreckage Road (8898)

July 6, 20102 Comments

Episode 52 Stephen reviews a 2010 World Racers set called Wreckage Road. LEGO 8898 set comes with 288 pieces, 4 mini figures, 2 racing cars, a finish line and trophy with podium. The mini figures include 2 from the lime green X-treme Daredevils team (MAX-treme and REX-treme) and 2 from the red and black Backyard [...]

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Episode 48 – Review of LEGO Snake Canyon (8896)

June 14, 20103 Comments

Episode 478 Jason reviews a 2010 World Racers set called Snake Canyon. LEGO 8896 set comes with 57 pieces and 2 mini figures. Mini figures include 1 from the red and black Backyard Blasters named Bart Blaster. And the other is from the green and white X-treme Daredevils named REX-treme. They each come with their [...]

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Episode 45 – Review of LEGO Jagged Jaws Reef

May 30, 20102 Comments

Episode 45 Stephen reviews a 2010 World Racers set called Jagged Jaws Reef. This set comes with 191 pieces and 2 mini figures and a shark. Included in the set: Bart Blaster mini figure (red/black) Dex-treme mini figure (green/white) Gray shark Bouy with attached checkered and trophy Backyard Blaster racing boat resembling a cigarette boat [...]

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