Episode 385 – Review of Centaurs from Brickforge

March 26, 201212 Comments

Episode 385 Jason reviews and gives an awesome up close look at these very cool centaurs from Brickforge, and can be seen at Brickforge.com. These centaurs are colored and imprinted on the actual horse part of the centaur. Also comes with all the weapons and armor the figs are wearing. These centaurs are amazing with [...]

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MOC: “No. I Am Not Your Friend”

March 7, 20127 Comments

A little minifig MOC we put together with the BrickArms Desert Ammo Pack.

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Lady Liberty Minifigure Visits Liberty Island

February 17, 201219 Comments

While The Brick Show was in New York City a few days ago at the NY Toy Fair, we took some free time to visit the Statue of Liberty. While there Stephen took this picture of Lady Liberty from the Series 6 LEGO Minifigures collection. With the figure in focus: With the Statue of Liberty [...]

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Huge Bridge Construction from CitiBlocs

January 25, 20129 Comments

Besides the fact that I love he put this to a TRON Legacy song, this is just pure awesomeness. This is made from a product called CitiBlocs.

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Digital Clock Made Out of LEGO

January 11, 20124 Comments

This is a video of a creation made of technic pieces and Mindstorm to make a fully functioning digital clock. Amazing! Digital Clock Made Of Legos – Watch MoreFunny Videos

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