Episode 301 – Review of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack

November 14, 2011

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Episode 301 Stephen reviews a LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set, battle pack. LEGO 853219 is a 2011 release and comes with 5 minifigures which include Jack Sparrow, Scrum, Theodore Grove and 2 zombie pirates.

Set features just the 5 minifigs and their accessories that go with them.

Retail price is $14.99.


Stephen gave the following ratings for LEGO set 853219:

Overall – 10 out of 10

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Battle Pack

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  • Jmacias33

    im the first to comment

  • MrJoakyfran

    I think you shouldn’t get neither Jack, or the zombies, because jack is in every set, and the zombies in a lot of them.

    • optimus

      I agree: Scrum and the British officer are cool, but i think it should have also come with a British Soldier, a mermaid (which would just add to the variety) and possibly a random pirate or flying dutchman crew-man. I still like the overall pack, but i don’t know if i will buy it because of all the repeats.

  • JackSparrow

    10 of 10 is grazy …
    No one needs any more than one jack sparrow … and he is in plenty of other packs!
    Only one soldier? One straight guy … uhm …
    That is in my opinion a total wast of money and totally not worth to be reviewed.
    Start with Lego Technic reviews if you guys are out of material !

  • Brian E

    I hope Star Wars Battle Packs don’t start looking like this because the value would go way done this is just dissapoiting only minifigs sad.

  • Big Fan Dylan

    I wouldn’t get it because I already have plenty of Jack Sparrows.

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