Episode 322 – Review of LEGO 2011 Holiday Promotional Sets

December 13, 2011

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Episode 322 Stephen reviews 2 promotional Christmas LEGO sets, Holiday set 1 and 2. LEGO 3300002 and 3300020 are 2011 releases and comes with 117 pieces in set 2 and 98 pieces in set 1. Set 1 comes with a boy minifigure and set 2 comes with Santa.

Set 1 features a boy with a Christmas tree and presents in the room with a window and picture on the wall. Set 2 comes with Santa, a chimney, a table and milk glass, wood basket and a wreath and picture on the wall.

These sets were promotional sets given away at the LEGO store. Recommended ages is 7+.

LEGO Holiday sets

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  • Brian E

    I like these but I have to say if you were going to put them in a house like form creator it might be a little hard but would make the inside stand out.

  • Joshua

    Love the brick show!

    • Legoboy


  • Legoboy

    I agree with the picture. What about stockings????????!!!!!!!!

  • Legoboy

    Good minifigs.

  • dooshbag

    just like the santa and the brick show rocks

  • Sean

    santa looks mad without his beard

  • legosawesome!!

    are they pijamas????????

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