Episode 336 – Review of LEGO Cars 2 Finn McMissile

December 28, 2011

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Episode 336 Jason reviews a Cars 2 LEGO set, Finn McMissile. LEGO 9480 is a 2012 release and comes with 52 pieces and 1 car, which is Finn McMissile.

Set features the Finn McMissile car with tires, Flick missile and gun.

Retail price was $6.99 which comes to about 13 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 5-12.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 9480:

Young Kids – 7 out of 10
Older Kids – 7 out of 10
Adults – 6.5 out of 10

LEGO Cars 2 Finn McMissile

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  • Brian E

    Toys R Us needs to stop jacking up the prices on Lego sets so far I haven’t seen any of the Lego City or Batman sets in Walmart or Target yet but if I do I might start going there instead Lego needs to do something about this because I normally buy Lego sets from Toys R Us and I don’t want to stop going there because they won’t go down on there prices that Lego sell there sets for.

  • Matt

    In the UK these are only £4.99

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