Episode 350 – Review of LEGO Camouflaged Outpost

January 11, 2012

Episode 350 Jason reviews a LEGO Castle set, Camouflaged Outpost. This set was provided by The Plastic Brick. LEGO 6066 is a 1988 release and comes with 225 pieces and 6 minifigures. Minifigures include 6 forestmen with different variants.

Set features a horse, a tree hideout camouflaged into an outpost that is hinged to close or open up.

Retail price was $22.99 which comes to about 10.7 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 7-12.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 6066:

Young Kids – 8.5 out of 10
Older Kids – 9 out of 10
Adults – 9 out of 10

LEGO Camouflaged Outpost

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  • Enrique boyde


  • carlos

    eh :p

  • Littlebatman1014


  • Jackson Fedosa

    ahhhhh classy

  • TheRichrocker

    I used to have the “6077 Forestmen’s River Fortress” – it was the first big set I got as a christmas present.
    I don’t know wether the sets were cooler then – I was younger and thus even more thrilled by them. At least there weren’t any stickers back then…

    I still have the minifigs and should have the construction manual somewhere… I’d LOVE to see a review on that one too!

  • Thex

    Dang…I thought the thing with my throat was just local…i guess it’s just something that comes around with the time of year…

  • Brian E

    I used to see these older sets in stores when I was growing up and the boxes and all were just cool I wish Lego would do that with some of the sets they have today.

  • Martin

    Ah, i’m not good in english, i’m sorry ^ ^’
    This is one of my childhood, i love this set so much! thank you for review it!
    Another one is the Sonic robot set 6750 really cool stuff!

  • optimus

    Sorry about the cold, Jason.
    They should release this set in stores again; i mean seriously, who wouldn’t buy it?

  • Brian Jensen78

    Nice guys, iam from 1978 and I have this set. I loved that you rewieved it. by the way, I am from Denmark LEGO`s home Planet :-)

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