Episode 351 – Review of LEGO Star Wars TIE Collection

January 14, 2012

Episode 351 Jason reviews a LEGO Star Wars set, TIE Collection. This set was provided by The Plastic Brick. LEGO 10131 is a 2004 release and comes with 684 pieces and 3 minifigures. Minifigures include 2 TIE pilots and Darth Vader.

Set features a droid TIE-D fighter, 2 TIE fighters, and Darth Vaders TIE Advanced.

Retail price was $69.99 which comes to about 10.6 cents per piece. Recommended ages 8+.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 10131:

Young Kids – 6 out of 10
Older Kids – 8 out of 10
Adults – 9 out of 10

LEGO TIE Collection

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  • ste34

    cool first comment

  • Enrique boyde

    love it

  • Starwarsman12345678

    like it

  • Brian E

    To me this is like the ultimite version of a battle pack but with so much more I also want to say I like collecting all the Tie vechiles I can find and I like the black and grey on the newer sets even though the black and blue was the older also please Brick Show do a review on the new 2012 Lego Tie Fighter set. If anyone agrees or like’s this comment like or comment.

    • optimus

      I personally am getting tired of a TIE Fighter every other year. I could see if LEGO made one every five years, but every 2-3 years is just too much! Same with the Millenium Falcon. I know other kids want these sets as well, but if LEGO made one every five years, everyone would still be able to get one; people would just have to be patient.

      • Brian E

        I agree with you but you gotta admit every differnert version like the Tie Defender are cool and that set came out 2 or 3 years ago but with the new Tie Fighter coming out I think this summer I think Lego needs to stop they are boring after you see the same one but differne tevery year but they are good for building your Star Wars Army with both Republic and Empire alike if Lego does any other tie sets which I have seen on google then maybe Lego fans might like check it out just type Tie vechiles and you will see lots of different versions some never even the moives or the games. Also do you think Lego should make some sets of the Old Republic which is based off the game which I have also heard might become a moive if so please let me know. Sorry if this comment is alittle long.

        • Chazmann95

          All I want is a new Tie Interceptor, and maybe a Tie Hunter- from the Expanded universe….but i glad to see more classic IV, V and VI stuff, the clone wars is getting a little old. Also the Old Republic will be a good addition in Summer 2012, along with the new minifigures like Jabba, Leia Boush, and Salacious Crumb.

      • Peabody

        I don’t mind reissues, especially if the design is improved and shortcomings are addressed. Besides, with the stratospheric rise in kit prices once items are discontinued, this is the only way for fans/builders to attain these highly sought-after kits affordably.

  • carlos

    does any body notice that Darth Vader doesn’t have a cape

  • Dogg7r7

    if your getting rid of the LEGO Maersk Train 10219 box ill take it please! dont burn it! what did the boxes ever do to you

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