Episode 361 – Review of LEGO Cars 2 Red’s Water Rescue

February 1, 2012

Episode 361 Jason reviews a LEGO Cars 2 set, Red’s Water Rescue. LEGO 9484 is a 2012 release and comes with 199 pieces and two cars. Cars include Red the fire truck and Acer.

Set features Acer with a flick missile and the fire truck with ladder and flick missile water cannon. Both Cars do have a nice collection of imprinted bricks that always come with the cars sets.

Retail price was $19.99 which comes to 10 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 5-12.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 9484:

Young Kids – 8 out of 10
Older Kids – 4 out of 10
Adults – 4 out of 10

LEGO Cars 2 Red's Water Rescue

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  • Enrique boyde

    im not a fan of lego cars

  • Ben10pj49

    Iam into cars 2 but i dont have it

  • Anonymous

    whos bday is on February cuz mines is on the 15th

  • Aaryck75

    i know this has nothing to do with lego but i was on you site and i count find the nightmare before cristmas

  • Angus Tangney

    red has autism

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