Episode 373 – Review of Brickarms Desert Camo Weapons Pack

March 14, 2012

Episode 373 Jason reviews the brickarms desert camo weapons pack. This pack is from 2011 and comes with 5 guns.

The desert camo pack has 5 camo colored guns that are great quality and detail. There are no minifigures included in this weapons pack.

Retail price is 9.99.

Brickarms desert camo weapons pack

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  • Brian E

    These are cool and I really hate that Lego doesn’t do anything based on the military I know they did acouple of some in the Indiana Jones line but that was all even though those were based off the moives those sets were my favorite and I wanted them all I really hope Lego will aleast take into consieraditon because it would go great for the Lego City theme.

  • carlos

    I have the rc8

  • Tom Sherrin

    I made a custom LEGO army guy out of an Indiana Jones Nazi’s torso, brown trousers, a gaurd’s head and a black Brickarms brodie hat. I will be using it in the World War III movie that I will be putting on YouTube in June.

  • Legocritique

    This is a waste of an episode and this isn’t even an official set! When I log on to Brickshow I expect reviews not advertisements for unofficial products. This is NOT a review and it shouldn’t be treated as one as you didn’t even give it a number. Stuff like this belongs in it’s own separate category or should be considered news not a review.

  • Hoheiwong

    I think the STG. 44 Vampire looks the best in both ways (in the lego figure’s hand, and out of the lego figure’s hand).

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