Episode 379 – Review of LEGO Castle Medieval Market Village

March 20, 2012

Episode 379 Stephen reviews a LEGO Castle set, Medieval Market Village. LEGO 10193 is a 2009 release and comes with 1,602 pieces and 8 Minifigures. Minifigures include 2 soldiers and 6 townspeople.

Set features two building that can fold or spread out to make a bigger village, a tree, market stand with fish and barrel, 2 steer, birds, chicken leg, a full turkey, treasure chest, weapons, barrels, a watermill and so much more.

Retail price is $99.99 which comes to about 6.2 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 12+.


Stephen gave the following ratings for LEGO set 10193:

Young Kids – 9 out of 10
Older Kids – 9.5 out of 10
Adults – 9 out of 10

LEGO Medieval Market Village<

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  • Anthonyespada

    your daugters hot

  • carlos

    I wish I could afford this

    • Anthonyespada

      so anybody a canadian fan

  • GentlemanA15

    a bit dirty :)

  • Gentlemana15

    but really nice :)

  • mr.x


  • Jassyxxxxxx

    matty 2 timer did a great job, very brickshow like. hire the lad now.

  • Miljenko Manjkas

    cool se and nice review.i just wat to say i totaly dissagre with legocritque.dude are you crazy,lego kingdoms sets are amazing with great play ability.castle sets are pretty good too but i must say they are unrealistic.i have all lego castle sets all lego knights kingdom sets and all lego kingdoms sets.you can see my world famous 5 lego medival theme creations.jous go on pictures on google an tipe KINGDOMSK

    • LegoCritique83

      If you actually had the sets you say you do, you would realize how much less they are in value than Knight’s Kingdom or Castle series. The Castle was a Fantasy theme and thus of course some of it is going to be “fantasy” You know what was unrealistic about Kingdoms here I’ll name some things…..

      The towers in the Kingdoms King’s Castle being short. Everyone knows the towers in the front are tall to prevent people from climbing up the side.

      In Prison Tower Rescue, how exactly did they kidnap the princess if they have no Calvary (knights on horse) and how realistic is it that the catapults only shoot straight ahead and don’t pivot?

      The Wizard….this is unrealistic and why is there a wizard in this series if it’s supposed to be realistic? ‘

      Escape From Dragon Prison…..It’s a wall, not even a prison. Again a catapult that doesn’t swivel it shoots only in one direction.

      Kingdoms are over priced and you get less in them. I don’t understand how you can sit and say Kingdoms are better than the prior series’ of Castle and Knight’s Kingdom II. BTW….Vladek’s Dark Fortress (A Knight’s Kingdom II set) won 2005 Toy of The Year….what sets in Kingdoms have won any rewards? NONE. How many years has Kingdoms been out? 1 year 2010-2011 and then they discontinued it….that should tell you something when the prior themes before it lasted at least 2 years each….Castle Fantasy Era 2007-2009 and Knight’s Kingdom II 2004-2007.

      Also note that all accessories for both factions in Kingdoms are EXACTLY the same just different colors. Both have unicorn knights (dumb especially on bad knights) and same helmets and armor. Kingdoms should have never replaced Castle……Castle was creative, Kingdoms is just blah.

  • Miljenko Manjkas

    to all people who seen my lastest comment i just want you to know that my name is KINGDOMSK.sorry about mistake

  • m and m


  • joseph crews

    this set is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  • m and m

    man i just love brick show.thumbs up for brick show and lego kingdoms and castle


    great reviews


    can someone explain to me why did jason in one of his reviews said stephen almost got arested




    i love lego medival market village


    i my first comment i said that my 5 world famous lego creations are medival.actualy 3 of them is time combined i named those 3 creations MASTERK


    those creations are also posted on the internet.just tipe to se those MASTERK MASTERK

  • LegoCritique83

    How can you give Kingdom’s Joust a 10 for adults and older kids and only give this set a 9.5 and a 9?! Kingdom’s joust $20 more expensive and you get 25 less pieces. Look at the room space you have in this set and how huge the rooms are compared with Joust and it’s “barely able to fit a mini-figure in each room” size. Joust doesn’t have any working features like the water wheel in this one. You get a TON of accessories in this set. There’s not even a place to put the horses in the joust set and the pieces are a lot smaller. If joust got two 10s this set definitely should have gotten at least 1! Unlike Kingdom’s Joust, notice this is a complete set as the houses can be put together unlike Joust which gives you just the front and expects you to buy 2 of the same set to complete it. This set deserves at least 1 10!

    • Rui

      I have both, and I can say that for an AFOL or a kid, the Joust has more playabilit than this set. Not saying this set ain’t great, but I truly think the joust deserves half a point more.

  • Ben10pj49

    why are the kids with you shephen

  • Ainkiow

    thx for final doing this review

  • John

    the brick SHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    good review!!!!! who ever that was!! 8)

  • Joonsub345

    how old is Madison

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