Episode 385 – Review of Centaurs from Brickforge

March 26, 2012

Episode 385 Jason reviews and gives an awesome up close look at these very cool centaurs from Brickforge, and can be seen at Brickforge.com. These centaurs are colored and imprinted on the actual horse part of the centaur. Also comes with all the weapons and armor the figs are wearing. These centaurs are amazing with great detail and will be great for armies or any other MOC’s.


Brickforge Centaurs

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  • Ben10pj49

    i like the jack one

  • John

    I love the cowboy guy

  • TheRichrocker

    US only? Hey, we Europeans like them also! ;o)
    I particularly liked the Gladiator-Centaur – he looked coolest!

  • Doolittle

    Neat idea, decent execution!
    It would have been amazing if these could have the movable hind legs like the new LOTR horses.
    Those extra studs in the back open up many possibilities.
    The hollow legs are not my favorite, but a semi decent tradeoff.
    I like overall, and the printing seems top notch (at least in the video review).

  • SapphirePhoenixStudios

    Awesome! My favorite is the armored ones because they look realistic and great for mocs and stop motions!

  • Anonymous

    I like lighter colored centaur that has the cow boy look Because he looks a lot like the ones in Chronicles of Narnia and I want to make a Lego Narnia stop motion movie but I cant really do that without a centaur.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IEFGAEOQFTH6PLSTQMGHXKPQ64 Clayton

    I really like the black body, or the light tan one with armor the most. These have exceptional detail.

  • Furi Snuggly

    Well its cool you can make custom minifigs I want to make a Lloyd zx…..

  • Furi Snuggly

    The green ninja

  • Bastien

    I like the jack sparrow centaur because the brown torsoe goes perfectly with the color of the horse

  • Wesley

    I like the cowboy guy by far

  • DaveMo

    The 2nd centaur (bare chest, with helmet – not PoP hair) is the best, but it’s a close thing – many cool centaurs in this review. Thx!

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