Episode 394 – Review of IMEX Cobra Force Tank and Truck

April 6, 2012

Episode 394 Jason reviews the IMEX set, Cobra Force Tank and Jeep. Set 51270 comes with 423 pieces and 6 figure of Army soldiers.

Set features a tank with a swiveling cannon, opening tank door, and a command truck. Set also has alot of great weapons with army green colors that the Brickshow really likes.

Retail price is $49.99. Recommended ages is 6+

Jason gave the following ratings for the IMEX set 51270:

Young Kids – 4 out of 10
Older Kids – 7.5 out of 10
Adults – 7 out of 10

IMEX Cobra Force Tank and Truck

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  • Asdfghjjjjjjjjj

    Why does the brickshow do cheap clone brands review. Stick with lego and megabloks.

    • Doolittle

      You are so wrong!

      If you had the chance to see and feel these bricks, you could clearly see that they are not cheap.
      Clones they may be, but the quality is right up there with Lego.
      Now the silliest part of your comment is that you put Megabloks on par with Lego!
      Megabloks is way cheaper quality than all the Oxford brands (IMEX and KREO among them). Oxford quality is very good, and they offer some interesting brick pieces not available in Lego.
      COBI is another top quality clone brand worth a mention. They also offer some snot pieces that a lot of afols would kill to have in lego!

  • Barenmarder

    People might criticize, but I’m not elitist. I love lego, but it’s awesome that you’re giving reviews of other brick sets as well. This set looks like a great buy, I wish there was somewhere around here where I could pick one up easily.

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