Episode 396 – Review of BrickStix Zombies Mod

April 10, 2012

This is a review of the BrickStix stickers for you LEGO bricks or any other building bricks of the zombies theme. The Brickshow is big fans of these stickers because they are great for MOC’s or dressing up your minifigs and can be used to really enhance your builds.

Retail price is 5.99 and you can buy these now just click here

Brickstix Zombie Mod

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  • Ephraim

    It’s so cool I want it but I cant

  • Ephraim

    Question:why some of you review is comment for this page are closed why are you closing it also first comment

  • carlos


  • Ephraim

    is that sickers?

  • LegoCritique83

    This “sticker” set doesn’t exactly say “Zombie” to me. Some of the decals are cool and I like the fire and signs but the torso pieces are kind of lame. They should have included more things you can put as faces and better torso sets. What exactly am I going to do with a banjo and a water bottle against zombies? When I hear zombies I’m thinking like shredded clothes of civilians and police….you know like Resident Evil, most of the torso decals seem out of place. The Medieval set was better….

    • Ephraim

      its a nobel

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