Episode 418 – Review of LEGO Star War C-3PO Technic

May 10, 2012

Episode 418 Jason reviews a LEGO Star Wars set, Technic C-3PO. LEGO 8007 was a 2001 release and comes with 341 pieces and no Minifigures.

Set features a replica of C-3PO using all technic pieces. He falls apart when you push his “belly button”. This set was provided by the plasticbrick.com, so check them out and all the sets they have available by clicking here

Retail price was $34.99 which comes to about 10 cents per piece. Recommended ages 9+.

LEGO C-3PO Technic

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  • Witywitwit

    The set looks cheap… asin not much work was put into it.

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