Episode 453 – LEGO Mini Sopwith Camel Review, Set 40049

June 4, 2012

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  • Todd

    Sopwith Camel 3.

  • Jonlego

    Sopwith camel 3. Great review as always jason; looking forward to some of the London 2012 reviews let me know if you need help getting them stateside.

  • Elvedin Šarić

    sopwith camel 3

  • Jr Jones26

    Sopwith Camel 3

    You guys are awesome.Every time I need a LEGO review I’ll head to this site.I’ve seen other reviews for some of the sets you guys do and there is no comparison.

    Keep reviewing-

  • Ryan Walker


    Big fan of the show, you guys really do a great job on you reviews. I watch a review of the set i want off your youtube before all of my purchases!

  • Ethan

    Sopwith Camel 3. Great review of both models. I hope to buy the large scale sometime soon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWUPDEWH2TY2BHDE5TPNCUMXLI Chandler

    it is a cool free thing, but I think they could have at least made stickers to put on flat circle pieces instead of the weird dome-on-dome construct. still cool though. Sopwith Camel 3

  • Josh Silverstein

    sopwith camel 3

  • Naveen Logachandar

    Sopwith Camel 3 . love your reviews

  • Yago

    Love the sopwith camel! thanks for sharing!



  • hunterlovesbrickshow

    Sopwith Camel 3

  • Jonathan Tan

    Sopwith Camel 3. Great review!

  • My Leolo

    Sopwith Camel 3! it’s a nice model, it’s not available in EU still

  • Ian White

    Cool set, Jason. I have the Red Ace Squadron game at my father’s, and guess what? It has the Sopwith Camel! So could you mail the MINI Sopwith Camel to me?

  • greg pavlakis

    sopwith camel 3

  • greg pavlakis

    if you can get the part number for those liberty green parts then they will send to you otherwise tell lego they were not in bag and the parts will be free.

  • greg pavlakis

    I love geting free models from lego I loved the HP train one and loved your review for the regular sopwith camel3 set.

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