Episode 486 – KRE-O Battleship Alien Strike Review

June 30, 2012

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  • Jonlego

    I try not to compare too much against Lego but that seemed pretty cheap and nasty, especially when the ship exploded as you fired it’s missile.

    I’ve not bought any kreo stuff before. it’s always discounted which has actually put me off buying however depending on how much some of these packs come out at on sale it may be a cheap way to get some good weapons which you would only get buying custom parts.

  • Scsnathanb

    The only reason I’ll buy them is because of the weapons

  • BrickBiff

    I Agree

  • Nathan School

    I agree

  • Marcosriv01

    Stephen and Jason youre some big super heroes you saved me from buying at toys r us page because couldnt buy it from the store because iam from Honduras not from United States but i can talk really well the English thank you you are some big super heroes

  • Nathan School

    Boo kreo.

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