Episode 102 – Review of LEGO Lunar Limo

October 27, 2010

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Episode 102 Stephen reviews a 2010 LEGO Space Police set, the Lunar Limo, set 5984. It contains 391 pieces and 3 mini figures which includes a space police officer and aliens Jawson and Brick Daddy.

Set features the spaced-out Lunar Limo using black, purple and gold studs. The Lunar Limo is equipped with space weapons, a cockpit and escape pod.

This set retails for $39.99 which comes to 10.2¢ per piece. Recommended ages is 8-14.


Stephen gave the following ratings for LEGO set 5984:

Young Kids – 9 out of 10
Older Kids – 7 out of 10
Adults – 5 out of 10

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  • Jaikuarbansal

    I love this set it is awsome and I love the turpedo which shoots our and I can’t wait till my father buys it for me I loved the review to

    Your biggest fan

  • Master_fire264

    i missed these sets D=

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