Episode 116 – Review of LEGO Winter Toy Shop

November 17, 2010

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Episode 116 Stephen reviews a 2009 LEGO Exclusive Holiday set, Winter Toy Shop. It comes with 815 pieces and you get 7 mini figures, cat, snowman, jack-in-the-box, stuffed animal, toy train, robot and toy car. The mini figures are 2 carolers (male, female), toy-maker, female and 3 boys who are snowball fighting.

The winter toy shop comes with a tower (toy workshop) that lights up using the light-up brick. You also get a Christmas tree to build complete with a rare ladder piece and gifts under the tree (jack-in-the-box, teddy bear). Also included is a park bench, snowman and a number of trees.

Retail price is $59.99 with ages 12+.


Stephen gave the following ratings for LEGO set 10199:

Younger Kids – 9 out of 10
Older Kids – 9 out of 10
Adults – 9 out of 10

lego 10199

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  • Gytis

    Great set, have been waiting for this review for a long time. Now I just hope Jason will be quick with his Winter Village Bakery review to have a good comparison which set to choose as a Christmas gift (and maybe hope for a suggestion in Jason’s video).

    • The Brick Show

      hey Gytis – We’ll have that review out soon, already filmed it. As for comparing the 2 they are both fantastic and equally great for gifts. I may lean towards the Winter Toy Shop just because the Christmas tree is so unique.

  • lego boy 123

    the brown robot is a tedy bear and the yellow robot is a race car.

  • Samuel

    what kind of idiot holds the plasma part of the lightsaber in her hands.

    ”What happends with your hands?” ”Oh nothing, I was just playing with my ski-sabers” :)

    • Tim

      haha you’re right:)

    • Legojoint

      Funny. sure her hands are just a pile a
      Of ash now

  • Samuel

    congratulations with your baby

  • Jxavierpinto

    seems like a cool set

  • Jxavierpinto

    hey cant anyone where some kind of space suit :)

    and it takes years to come back to earth from space

  • Legojoint

    Awesome set I like it alot I saw the review it’s cool

  • Angus Tangney

    i think the robot looks like a teddy

  • Allycha1

    cool! i so want this!

  • Angus Tangney

    i have that set and it’s gonna be used as a christmas decoration

  • legoman

    love it

  • Diego101

    I think the girl got a planet jaket from the store and the boy also got it from the store

  • Maurits

    the “harmonica” is actually a song book.

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