Episode 124 – Review of Golden Staff Guardians

November 24, 2010

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Episode 124 Jason reviews a 2011 Pharaoh’s Quest set, Golden Staff Guardians. It contains 70 pieces and 3 mini figures including 2 mummies and an explorer.

Features a small area that holds the golden staff. The explorer figure comes with a motorbike, explosives and a rifle. The mummies are holding scarab shields and swords.

Retail price is $10.99 with ages 6-14.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 7306:

Younger Kids – 7 out of 10
Older Kids – 5 out of 10
Adults – 4 out of 10

lego 7306

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  • http://yahoo.com alex

    i can not find those in stores i want one of any pharoah’s quest sets my birthday is december 16

  • Erik

    if i remember reading on eurobricks.com, they are sold at some toys “R” us stores. if you cannot find them now, the pharaoh’s quest sets are supposed to come out December 1st or rather December. they should come out around your birthday, though. i hoped this helped :D

  • http://home.online.nl/j.brok/lego_Leroy/Welcome.html lego Leroy

    Goes together greatly with the collectibles faraoh I think. I love the mummies!

  • thomas

    cool mummys

  • http://Brickshow Mlns

    The motorcycle locks killer!!!!!and the mummies are also cool. But I’ve got one question do you got the pyramid???please enser my question as soon as possible if you got it please review it quick!!!!

  • http://home.online.nl/j.brok/lego_Leroy/Welcome.html lego Leroy

    nemes, a tunic is some kind of shirt and once again low older kids ratings (or is 12 years young?)


    i am going to buy it on the day after valentine’s day cant wait XD

  • Royalricky14

    i am still drooling over that motorcycle…

  • MrJoakyfran

    Should have bought this one instead of the mummies pack :/

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