Episode 150 – Review of LEGO Grand Emporium

December 22, 2010

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Episode 150 Jason reviews a LEGO Exclusive set, Grand Emporium. LEGO 10211 is a 2010 release and comes with 2182 pieces and 7 mini figures including a boy, window washer (male), 2 mannequins (male/female), 1 female shopper, 1 male shopper (with no pants) and an Emporium worker.

Set features the 3-story department store including 2 escalators to reach the 2nd and 3rd floors. The first level is a clothing/fragrance department (with changing room), the 2nd floor is the housewares department and the top floor is the toy department. An atrium is also featured straight to the top of the clear sunroof with a beautiful hanging chandelier.

Additional features include an ice cream stand, revolving door entrance, mailbox w/ letters, billboard w/ lights and a window washer’s platform.

Retail price is $149.99 which comes to 6.8¢ per piece. Recommended ages is 7-12.


Jason gave the following ratings for LEGO set 10211:

Young Kids – 6 out of 10
Older Kids – 8 out of 10
Adults – 9 out of 10

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  • Christopher

    do you need baderees for the esclater.

  • anthony

    the escalaters do not need batterys

  • fu

    couple of balls!!Lol (:

  • anthony

    omg hes nakedl:

    • legoman75

      it is ment to show him trying on clothes


    i say you are rigt about the set but i thing it is cool i like to get the set but i dont have m. 1 R0B0T ATTACK! 1 TH1NK TH3 TH1N9 1 C00L! R0B0 71548. 1 CAM3 1N T1M3 FR0M 2022

  • lego wade

    The minifigs have the same face.That kinda older in history look.

  • legolegotyler

    how do you know that it’s a post office? It seems possible for it to be an ice cream parlor. I’d prefer an ice cream parlor

  • Tim

    wow that set is huge. I like it!

  • May

    Wow! This is one of my ultimate dream sets! It RULES!!!!!!

  • Abelyanez

    cool set

  • Ajlloyd22


  • Jxavierpinto

    cool but i agree that it will be an ice cream parlor

  • Maria Alvarez


  • Benmoat

    that looks awsome!!! looks very detailed!

  • ceco8888

    the first flour is really coll because you can put on the clothes on minifigs or you can use the parfumes for other sets

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