Episode 243 – Review of HALO Mega Bloks Covenant Banshee

July 1, 2011

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Episode 243 Stephen reviews a MEGA BLOKS set, Covenant Banshee. Set 19 is a 2010 release and comes with 95 pieces and 1 minifigure of a HALO soldier.

Set features the Type-26 ground support aircraft to take on the UNSC

Retail price is $9.99 which comes to about 10 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 8+.

MEGA BLOKS Covenant Banshee

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  • Master_fire264

    Finally! another mega bloks!you guys rock! can you review the covenant wraith and the unsc Hornet attack please????(hornet attack is 96867)(wraith is 96832)

  • Christymbell1

    Where can I find out who wins the monthly giveaway??? My son,Thomas, just turned five, and he had an all-lego birthday!! He quotes you guys from the Brick Show when he plays!!-christy bell

    • Tom

      My brother does that too,he’s only 4,it’s sooooo funny(but sometimes annoying).

  • Christymbell1

    o.k. I figured out how to see who won…thanks!

  • MrJoakyfran

    OH, come on! Megablocks? They lack of LEGO’s refinement, and that huge piece is proof of it

    • Brian

      refinement… that’s what i call simplification and it looks better to

  • Ajlloyd22

    cool but i still love lego

  • Brian E

    Halo Megablocks are cool but Lego is so much better.

  • Drake_bd

    Where is Episode 244?

  • Cabron

    LEGO is much better than Megablocks.

  • Samuel

    The minifig is nice

  • carlos

    I like lego and megablocks too

  • Megacreator

    hey cool i have that set i love it better than lego

  • ivan

    lego rules

  • DJ

    there is 2 different colors for that one,its red and brown and if you ask me,halo mega bloks is the best building toy ever!!!

    • Optimus

      I can respect your opinion, but i will have to disagree and say that LEGO is way better! I have a couple of HALO sets and i’ll probably get a few more. However, i still say that these sets would have been better had they been picked up by LEGO, not Mega-Bloks. The only thing that Mega-Bloks has going for them is their minifigure articulation, but KRE-O is making their own figures, KREONS, and their quality is pretty decent as well.

  • DJ

    it might be a cool set but needs more ppl to it

  • Optimus

    This figure does not have a specific name; he/she is just a regular Covenant Elite Pilot.

  • Miguel


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