Episode 253 – Review of KRE-O Transformers Autobot Ratchet

July 20, 2011

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Episode 253 Jason reviews a KRE-O transformers set, Autobot Ratchet. KRE-O 30662 is a 2011 release and comes with 187 pieces and 2 Kreons of Autobot Ratchet and an ambulance driver.

Set features a Autobot Ratchet as Himself or as an ambulance where the KREON can fit inside. This is a 2 in 1 that can transform into an ambulance or as Autobot Ratchet.

Retail price is $19.99 which comes to about 12.5 cents per piece. Recommended ages is 6-12.


Jason gave the following ratings for KRE-O set 30662:

Young Kids – 6 out of 10
Older Kids – 6 out of 10
Adults – 4.5 out of 10

KRE-O Transformers Autobot Ratchet

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  • Jxavierpinto

    not bad

  • kaleb


  • Jaredhill1099

    Is that a new backround behind Jason?

  • Brian E

    Did you find Megatron?

  • Legoguy

    Kre-O is nice building toy but I still like LEGO.

  • Rustin

    Went to target last night. had this one and Sidesweep on sell. I got Sidesweep and hoping to go get ratchet.

    • Rustin

      I got it on clearance for $4.98

  • Daviddj143

    I don’t like kre-o but i do like transformers. I don’t like kre-o because there going to get sued by Lego but still kre-o is stupid. LEGOS AND THE BRICK SHOW ARE AWESOME.

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