Episode 38.5 – Review of LEGO Swampfire Ben 10 (8410)

May 15, 2010

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Episode 38.5 Jason reviews a January 2010 Ben 10 release called Swampfire. This set comes with 22 pieces and no mini figures and for ages 5 – 12.

Retail price for this is around $14.99USD which comes to about 60 ¢ per piece. That is, in our opinion, kinda crazy high. Yes, the pieces are bigger, but I don’t think there is enough here to justify the price. However, if you LOVE Ben 10 then this could be a good fit for you.


Jason gave the following ratings for set LEGO 8410:

Overall Rating – 5 out of 10

LEGO 8410

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  • Declan

    Are these the same voices as in BrickSmack? Also, is Jason Wally or Chief Brick?

  • Brian E

    Cool job on the chipmunk voice

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4IVLKIRCNWPKQZZMYJV6TFIRXM Joseph Crews

    cool set i love it

  • domster

    I hate Ben 10 sets there dumb

  • domster

    when is the next chipmunk voice review

  • Starwarsman12345678

    OK i like and hate this review i like it because the chipmunk voice ( witch sounds like brick smack hmmmmmmmmmm) i hate because 60 cents per piece is crazy what is Lego thinking but hope you do the chipmunk(brick smack in my opinion)voice

    • Starwarsman12345678


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