Episode 52 – Review of LEGO Wreckage Road (8898)

July 6, 2010

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Episode 52 Stephen reviews a 2010 World Racers set called Wreckage Road. LEGO 8898 set comes with 288 pieces, 4 mini figures, 2 racing cars, a finish line and trophy with podium. The mini figures include 2 from the lime green X-treme Daredevils team (MAX-treme and REX-treme) and 2 from the red and black Backyard Blasters team (Billy Bob Blaster and Bart Blaster). Each figures has great detailed markings and are double faced.

The lime green (X-treme Daredevils) race car resembles an Indy or Formula 1 racing car and has about 25 stickers. This car is equipped with rockets. The red/black racing car resembles a corvette and is equipped with 2 different weapons (hooks and saws). Each car is about 6 inches long and are very durable.

The finish line has 4 lights at the top, a checkered flag, The trophy stand is just plain white bricks with numbered stickers for finishing positions and the silver trophy can attach to it as well.

Retail price for this is around $29.99 USD which comes to about 10.4 ¢ per piece. Recommended ages are 7 – 14. There is around 50 stickers total for this set.


Stephen gave the following ratings for set LEGO 8898:

Young Kids – 10 out of 10
Older Kids – 9 out of 10
Adults – 7 out of 10

lego 8898

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