Exclusive LEGO Hulk Minifig Coming in May

April 9, 2012

Thanks to Firestar Toys Facebook page that dug up this image verifying that an exclusive HULK LEGO minifigure will be available in May.

exclusive LEGO hulk

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  • Jdb2000


  • Julian

    its ok

  • Hunger Games Fan

    i amare lateres ostende

    • Angus Tangney

      speak english dummy

  • Willythefoo

    What about the huge, Wampa-like minifigure? They’re still going to bring that one out, right? Or are they switching it for this guy?

    • Julian

      they already released the “wampa like minifigure”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I6B74TUXOXPJMEL2E4Z6RFIR3A George

    Would be an ideal version of the hulk when Bruce Banner is about to transform into the bigger version.

  • John

    not very cool

  • ste34

    This is kinda cool. I would want this because it’s exclusive. It’s probably the person who is hulk transforming into Hulk or Hulk got shrunk a bit.

  • Furi Snuggly

    Cool minifig

  • Mariodog1

    Lego put purple Pants on him but not real hulk.

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