Here are some questions that we are always being asked by Brick Show fans. Sometimes we do episodes where we answer specific questions, but we wanted to include some on this page as well.

  • How does Stephen get his mini figures to stick on the wall?
    • Stephen uses a product called Sticky Tack that is usually yellow, blue or white and allows you to do this without hurting the wall or the mini figure. Click here to buy Sticky Tack.
  • What Sets Will You Review?
    • Our main focus is to review all sets released in the current year. However, we are probably less interested in the Technic and Hero Factory sets so you may not see us review ALL of those. As for sets from other years, occasionally we will . We plan to review some LEGO Batman sets and other sets that we think you would enjoy.
  • What is your favorite LEGO theme?
    • Currently, Stephen’s favorite theme is Star Wars and Jason, Atlantis.

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