MOC: LEGO Mona Lisa Mosiac

January 28, 2011

Pro LEGO builder Eric Harshbarger, put together a beautiful mosiac of the Mona Lisa. Final measurements were 23 in. by 31 in. and over 5,000 bricks were used in 10 different colors.

lego mona lisa

Want to build one just like it? Eric has shared this preview and you can then order the pieces yourself through BrickLink.

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  • Pbowes99

    That is so cool!

  • Lego Gang

    We have Mona Lisa done by Eric in our Lego Museum in Bellaire Ohio. He and Brian Korte do incredible work!

    The Lego Gang

  • MrJoakyfran

    Wow, there’s some real effort there

  • Josh Silverstein

    now that is pretty cool

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