MOC: “No. I Am Not Your Friend”

March 7, 2012

A little minifig MOC we put together with the BrickArms Desert Ammo Pack.

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  • Starwarsman12345678


    • starwarskenman1

      Cool, but did anyone else knowtice that his head is tan and his body is yellow?

      • Bob

        Well…maybe he tanned his body (and wore a head mask) and then days later was painting fences…?

        • ananymos

          Hahahahaa. Smart. almost thought he was dark too. Then I figured it’s just his Gloves. >.<

  • carlos

    cool I have brick arms also

  • therandomcomment

    Ding dong llama wannee jumpin’ with an ice pick she thinks I’m goin’ in.

  • Lukas Pentilae


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