Pictures of Summer LEGO Sets from NY Toy Fair

February 11, 2012

We showed up at the NY Toy Fair a day early and got a look at some of the summer sets.

















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  • Thaip1

    awesome. I can’t wait for the star wars sets to come out

    • starwarskenman1

      neither cani, im a star wars nutttttt

  • Atr786

    cant wait for lego ninjago

  • Riley

    i hope they make more lego super heroes sets

  • carlos

    they all look cool except frieinds

    • DanceLover249

      haha, thats so true. i didnt even bother looking at the details and stuff as i was scrolling down :P

    • Legocritque

      People need to stop bashing friends. Just because it isn’t Lego Star Wars or Ninjago and it’s for girls, doesn’t mean it’s not a cool set. Lego is a “Gender Neutral” company and if that’s true it needs to have sets like Friends for girls who like girly things. If you don’t like Friends don’t buy them, I think all of the photos are cool even the Friends ones.

  • Hanzudy

    do you know how much was the new Ninjago set under samurai mech

  • Dark Blade Studios

    GOO Lego Lord of the Rings! pics are coming out tomorrow! i love all of them except for friends

  • Anonymous

    How much is the Super Sonic Raider? I think It’s $70 (biased from how Mr. Toy’s Toy World prices Legos) but I doesn’t say.

  • Brian E

    Am I seeing things staright did Lego make some Star Wars sets from the Old Republic because if so they look awesome.

    • Starwarsman12345678

      yws they did and yes epic

  • Angus Tangney


  • TheBrickBlogger

    I’m surprized that they LEGO is using so many substitutes and stand-ins in New York. At the German Toy Fair they had finished minifigures, and of course they give a real vow effect.

    • Legocritque

      They do that because they want you to wait till the sets come out. The German Toy Fair they didn’t allow many pictures to be taken like they did in the New York Toy Fair. That’s the trade-off you see some really cool figures but they aren’t going to show you the complete set till they want you to see it.

      • StarWarsLegos

        Actually at the German Toy Fair they allowed video and Pics and did full Demos of the sets, and no prototypes, REAL Sets and Minifigs. Look it up on youtube.

  • Guest

    I’m really disappointed to see all of the prototype elements, especially since we’ve seen the finished version of a lot of them in pictures from other fair.

  • kyle anson


  • Dean

    old republic yayay

  • Starwarsman12345678

    im looking forwad to thes sets but there are more lego star wars and ninjago

  • Starwarsman12345678

    hope you guys do the reviews

  • Starwarsman12345678

    the face on jabbas translater person anyway his face is the same as anikins dark side face in jedi intercepter

    • Starwarsman12345678

      p.s. love the gungan sub

  • Matteo Tex Paviolo

    The Hospital????

  • Carlos_agustin_j

    You are so cool !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like the new lego city sets that are gonna come out

  • Emma

    OMG!!! PYTHOR HAS A MINIFIG!!!(6th picture down)SWEET!!!!!!

  • Amanda Noonan

    where are the new dc super hero sets?

  • jesper van den boogert

    i want everything from star wars!


  • Starwarsman12345678

    official jabba palice way better i think its at the yop of there vidios now

    • Starwarsman12345678


  • Starwarsman12345678

    where melovolance or was it un-confirmed

  • Jackson Fedosa

    I cannot wait til’ Jabba’s Palace comes out! I also really want Desert Skiff!

    • starwarskenman1

      neither can i, those 2 sets are my favorites EVER

  • Nickstermer

    4 headed dragon cool

  • Cody

    im getting all lego star wars the old republic sets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dominick Rakic

    i cant wait for ninjago

  • Roman

    i agree with carlos the ninjago is awesome

  • Dominick Rakic

    samurai x is nya

  • Connor

    where are the superheroes sets?????

  • Iftachatzmon

    Do you know were can I buy the green ninjago after the fair ended? Jonathan

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