Toy Fair Overview Review of Hasbro KRE-O 2012 Transformers sets

February 19, 2012

These are quick but detailed reviews of the 2012 Hasbro KRE-O Transformers sets. This was taken from the New York Toy Fair and they are summer 2012 release. This is an overview of all the sets that are to be released.

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  • Brian E

    These look very cool although I was hoping you guys saw the new Battleship Kero sets also if you find it or see it google Lego City Hospital I saw pictures online and it looks like it might be coming out this summer check it out.

    • starwarskenman1

      i for one dont like kre-o as much as i like lego, but the transformers look very cool, and ive always been a fan of transformers.

      • optimus

        I too, as you probably can tell by my name, am a huge Transformers fan as well. I never did get these sets, however, and i REALLY wanted the Optimus Prime set! (the big one.)

        • Doolittle

          I never understood the value of a Transformers set that doesn´t actually transform.

          To me, it would be killer if these actually transformed into vehicles, no matter if inaccurate to the movies.

          • starwarskenman1

            Thats what i think.

  • Snark

    How were Wheeljack and Knockout from the Street Showdown set? They look less than impressive from the video, but I was wondering, do they look better up close and in person?

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